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Improve your client experience with GDS’s seamless customer support. No more unreplied emails, or open tickets. We speak Swiss/German/English/Polish/Hungarian (more on request).


• Dedicated Teams

To serve your business best, we build a committed team that will match your company culture and fit your ways of working.

• Know-how Transfer

Starting with custom-built onboarding training and knowledge base, we take time to understand your specific business needs. Within a max. of 5 weeks, we are ready to take over services and go live. We achieve this, through a proven process we developed, best practices and a team dedicated to your industry.


No matter what channel your customers are on, we’ll reach them wherever they are with reliable robust support. Our customer experience agents cover email, tickets, phone, SMS and social media support. We have over 15 years of total experience serving clients in Europe!


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Dec 1, 2022, ZurichPartnership News!

GDSiT Switzerland GmbH is joining forces with the global leader of helpdesk software provider Help Scout PBC out of Boston, MA.

Help Scout helps growing businesses manage all their customer conversations in one powerful platform that feels just like an inbox.

Whether customers prefer to engage through email, live chat, or help centres, teams using Help Scout are ready with advanced features for collaboration, organization, and automation.

We are thrilled about this partnership and delighted to provide extended helpdesk services to existing and future clients!

Ask GDSiT now about the power of Help Scout, and how customer service can help your business today!